Cheap Tyres

If you are thinking about cheap tyres then chances are you won’t be needing a branded tyre for your vehicle.  Some people feel that with a cheap tyre, the car can slip on the road and not have the same grip.  If you are travelling distance this could be a concern, however if you are just doing a few miles each day, cheap tyres might be ideal for you.

Value Tyres

You absolutely don’t want to skimp on cost and then have an accident because your back wheels didn’t have grip on the road.  We recommend that you go into your local garage and speak to them, be honest about yur budget and they can advise on the best tyres for your budget and vehicle.  Normally they can fit there and then, but if you have a flat tyre and need one ASAP, you may need to go with a more expensive tyre if you don’t have a spare in the car boot.

You can see if your tread on the tyre is wearing down, just look closely in daylight.  The tyre garage that has various locations throughout the UK is tyresandmot for tyres, tyre fitting and MOT. We recommend them for tyre fitting to everyone, they are honest, not out to rip you off and easy to deal with.  They are also good at meeting deadlines, if they say your car will be ready at 5pm on a certain day, we have heard good feedback to say they have delivered on their promise.

Ask for the best price

Sometimes chains of garages cannot do anything about the price, they have no way to change the price in the computer system.  Whereas if you go to a local company, possibly you can get a better deal.  We do hear you can get part-worn tyres, only buy from people that have reviews online.  You don’t want to be conned.