Budget Tyres

If you’re looking for budget tyres then look at the link on the home page.  We do appreciate the need for good tyres, but if you are not doing extensive mileage you could look at budget tyres which will maybe last at least 1 year.  If you take the time to look at the tread on your car tyres, you will notice when they start to wear down.

Outstanding Value For Money

Shop around for the best deals, depending if the car is rear wheel drive you may need different tread on the front and rear tyres.  Make sure you put air in the tyres or at least check them on a regular basis, most garages have water and air facilities.   Check the car manual and it will tell you what the pressure in each tyre should be.  If you let your tyre run low on air you could have a flat tyre very easily.

When you can buy part-worn or budget tyres, it doesn’t make sense not to check these things.  There is benefit in buying branded tyres, but sometimes we cannot afford it.  The important thing is to make sure you don’t damage the actual wheel, as then it is a lot more expensive to repair.

It goes without saying, avoid any holes in the road, you want to make your budget tyres last as long as possible.

Budget tyres don’t just need to be cars, it could be lorries for 7.5T Vehicles up to Class 1 and Class 2 HGV.  You will find people will pay for branded tyres but that is probably if they work for a corporate company and ordering for a fleet of vehicles.

Buying Online

If you are buying online and then finding a local garage to fit the tyre onto the wheel, be careful.  You may not get what you expect in the post.  It is always best to go into a garage and speak to someone face to face.