Car Servicing

Some car owners never put their cars in for servicing, they just wait to see what comes back at the MOT.  This is a bit crazy as you could potentially save yourself money.  If you have a local garage that you trust, get your car booked in every 6 months even just for a check.  If the mechanic spots something it could save you time and money getting the car servicing deal.

What is involved?

The MOT is basically ensuring that your vehicle is legally safe to drive, they do not go through the vehicle within a fine tooth comb.  The garage will almost always give you a cost before they commence any work.  Some garages rip people off, however, we are urging anyone thinking about getting their car serviced to speak to the garage mechanic yourself, tell him or her what you believe is wrong with the car and ask them for honest feedback re what needs done.

If you want a good, reasonably priced garage, look at the link on the home page of this blog.  Contact them and ask the questions.  There is no harm in asking questions as opposed to putting your car  in for the car servicing and then crossing your fingers.

Car Servicing Timescales

Always ask the question, when will you get your car back?  You may be relying on public transport or indeed lifts off family members, so they will want to know also.  To be without your car is a masive inconvenience we all take these things for granted.  The best thing to do when you are thinking about car servicing is to book it in when you don’t have too much on.  This is the best time as you don’t want to have to get taxi companies regularly, that’s too much money.