Any used car needs to go through a MOT to ensure its safe to drive.  Some of the large chains of garages will offer discount MOT’s to get you through the front door, however, if you are likely to have repairs needing carried out to pass the MOT, you could end up spending a lot of money re their mark-up.

We always prefer to deal with a smaller company, ideally, local garages where you will get a great service but also you may get to build up a relationship with the person which means you feel better about each return visit.


The garage will generally test your lights, brakes, suspension, steering, handbrake etc.  It is not an extensive list.  This means that you really should get someone to double check your lights and indicators etc before you go into get the MOT done.

The police may ask to see your MOT certificate if they are doing spot checks, or even if they think you are being negligent in some area re your car.  We have had the door chapped as they were walking past the car & noticed the tread was down in a tyre, they wanted to let us know it possibly wasn’t safe to drive.  So, our wallet didn’t appreciate the news, but better to be safe than sorry.

If you are selling the car, you should pass on all papers incl. MOT papers to the new owner.  The MOT paperwork is all available online and these days you don’t get the letter in the post to advise of the renewal date, so we urge you to diarise in Outlook or Gmail a few weeks before the MOT runs out.

If you look after your vehicle, it will not be any surprise when you are told you need a new spring, brake pads etc.